Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Train Up Tuesday: What's in THE Name?

I LOVE Isaiah 9:6 and this print is a beauty! (Be sure to head over to where you can download this print in this color and a blue/gray version)

This verse is often quoted at Christmastime, and appropriately so. It's no wonder that it is used in Advent readings, as well. Speaking of which, this week marks the first week of Advent! If you are looking for appropriate Advent readings, has a GREAT series.

Are you also looking for ways to teach your children about the names of God? There are plenty of great resources out there, I'm sure, but I adore the site: Impress Your Kids. She has SO many ideas that are great for every day, but she has helped shaped our family in great ways with activities, lessons, and even the homemade gift below!

Homemade Gift (#3)
Last year, I saw a great tutorial on Impress Your Kids on how to cut out your own letters, apply them to a canvas, paint over it, and VOILA! make a beautiful personalized painting.

Amanda at Impress Your Kids used a favorite quote from the Jesus Storybook Bible (which you know I LOVE). I used it for one of my "Want, Need, Wear, Read" gifts (the "Read" one) by combining the names of my 3 boys into a painting along with the verse that inspired their names. It turned out beautifully (the picture isn't great...had to snap it at night with low light):

It really was a simple project (and inexpensive). I used a canvas from Goodwill that I painted over. I was able to complete this project over the course of a couple days' worth of naptimes (with 3 boys, that's the only way I could do it!) It's well worth your time and makes a great impact! I hope to make more in the future for family birthdays and such.

You could even use the idea for the Isaiah 9:6 verse! How lovely that would be. :)

Enjoy your countdown!

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Steve said...

LOVE it, Ash! What a neat way to incorporate the read part of the gifts.