Friday, November 25, 2011

Forrest Gump meets Pinterest

I hope each of you had a blessed Thanksgiving day reflecting on the Lord's blessings and love. Normally, I would be out conquering the Black Friday mayhem and rig-a-ma-row but those crowds and sales aren't quite calling my name like they usually do.

In fact, at this moment, I am blessed with a child-free, QUIET, peaceful calm house and this is what was calling me.

I am taking fulllll advantage of this time to just be by myself--the fire, a cup named "a joe" and my "Good Book". :) :) :)

While enjoying this much needed time, I was kinda hit in the head with a Forrest Gump "My Momma always said..." meets Pinterest moment.

I mentioned here that MY Mama has always placed a BIG importance on displaying scripture around the house. One reason is because it's a great reminder. Another reason is because it is repetitive and helps hide it in your heart (and memory).

She really is right because when I read a scripture she's had displayed in her home for my whole live-long life (Here's where the Pinterest part comes into play. )....the visual (mental pin) instantly pops into my head of that scripture on that exact plaque, picture, wall what have you. In fact, those scripture-displaying items from her home are some of the things that I hold most dear to my heart.

This little item (pin) is one example. It dates back to my parents hippy days and It's been displayed since before I was born. I recall finding great entertainment playing with it before I could even read. It is small but I LOVE it...and how appropriate the verse is for the season!

...and now, as I sit in my parent's living room, these are the glimpses of God's Word one will catch (pin/repin) as their eyes sweep the room in an effort to gaze at the fire. It's Pinterest in person. :)
Psalms 103:2-5
My James 1:2 creation from Girl's Night Out
A picture of my brother, Nathan, crossing the finish line at the San Diego Rock n' Roll Marathon the July before he died and Hebrews 12:1-3

A Multiple Blessings by Caroline Simas original of Lamentations 3:25-27

Romans 5:5 pottery by Alicia Daily
What are some of the favorite ways that you've seen scripture displayed throughout your life that have helped you "pin it" in your heart and mind and others to "repin it" in theirs?!?! :)

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life just saying said...

Great post/correlation. Although I haven't done this myself yet, I like I like free-style writing of scriptures over a doorway, and plaques are good too. BTW, sounds like a great way to spend black Friday.