Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Train Up Tuesday: Getting "Stuff" Out of the Way for Thanksgiving

There are a couple of pictures on Pinterest (I know, roll eyes now) that made me stop....longer than to just "pin" them, but to really think about them. Maybe you've seen them or pinned them (no judgment here):


Please don't think I'm "over spiritual", but as lovely as these sentiments are....I think that we (at least in western culture) have let thanking God for all our "stuff" get in the way of thanking God for all HE is. Certainly, I think we can "take a break" from asking God for anything, but I think we can do more than thank Him for all we "have", unless of course those "haves" are things like, salvation, His protection, His provision for our real needs, etc. (as opposed to our really awesome house or that really good steak we had the other week).

And what if we DID only wake up with those things we "thanked God for yesterday"? I don't think I'm alone in thinking that I'd still be content, because I do continually thank Him for my family and my relationship of Him....those "things" that matter most.

Please make no mistake. I'm not that hard-nosed. Of course I think that hearing a child thank God for the Hershey kisses he got to have that day or for his favorite toy of the moment is precious and I understand how we can "thank God" for a caffeine boost that seemed to get us through the day. But, I think sometimes we overuse "thank you God", like we overuse "love" (i.e. "I LOVE those new shoes!"). It's almost like taking that phrase in vain. I think we fail to get beyond the "stuff" part of our gratitude and fail to see the One who provides, protects, and so on.

So, while thanking God for the year of bounty, I hope I remember to take time to thank God for those attributes that acknowledge Him for who He is and how I've seen Him in my family's life over the last year. I hope I don't just let my list of favorite stuff get in the way of true gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Amory said...

great reminder, Ashlie!

life just saying said...

Great post! And a good reminder.

HPS said...

I love this AND your pinterest lovin' self!