Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Train Up Tuesday: 5 Kernels of Corn

No doubt you are busy already this week - cleaning, grocery shopping, baking, cooking, perhaps packing for a trip. I’ll make this week’s excerpt pretty short but sweet (though a little sorry). In reading “The Light and the Glory,” I came to learn (or re-learn) that although the first Thanksgiving was historical, it isn’t the only Thanksgiving that we should remember of the early Pilgrims. It was the second observation that I present to you today.

It was another harsh winter met with loss of lives due to starvation and to the severity of the bleak environment with which they were faced. Things were so tight among their meager food rations, that there were months when all they had to “sustain” their hunger were five kernels of corn. Can you imagine? Yet, as we often see among God’s children, these struggles continue to knit these men and women together with each other and closer to the heart of Christ. They survived the winter, thrived in the spring and summer, and once again, were compelled to observe with gratitude the day that we now celebrate annually.

Then from perhaps a bit of wisdom, humility, and true gratitude, someone presented an “appetizer” for the feast that was truly unusual - five kernels of corn “lest we forget”.

What have you been through this year that you never want to forget? I hope this year to begin a new tradition with my family - serving five kernels of corn at the beginning of our annual celebration. What a great way, too, to share five things for which you are grateful each year! Hope this inspires new traditions for you!

Much love and with many thanks,


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