Friday, July 1, 2011

Mompreneur Trio, Discount and Giveaway wrapped in one!

Happy Friday, ladies! You know how we love Mompreneurs on The Roof, and today, it is my privilege to introduce you to not one...not two...but THREE Mompreneurs. That's right~a team of three, and what a trio they are. I've recently had the privilege of meeting these three and I think you will find both their individual and collective heart for moms, creative energy and vision for teamwork infectious. They are a great example for us women of how much more you can accomplish when you work together!
Nidhie Dhiman, Sarah Masci and Dana Blake
Photo by Jamie Lea
Nidhie Dhiman is the owner of Belly Elan, a baby boutique in Charlotte's Blakeney area (formerly of Providence Promenade) and has recently launched an online one stop shop for moms everywhere. She loves meeting with parents, parents to be and friends of expecting mommies on a daily basis do help them determine little luxuries and special splurges while ensuring value and meeting Belly Elan's motto, "because having a baby doesn't mean losing your style!" Be sure to visit the website and "like" Belly Elan on Facebook here so you can stay posted on sales, new products and special events. That place is happenin' and there's always something going on!

Photo by Jamie Lea
Dana Blake is the CEO of BabyElan{Daily}, a website and online resource for new parents, parents-to-be, and gift-givers wading through the offerings of today's booming baby industry. BabyElan{Daily}  also offers expertise via personal "inbox" delivery to break down the must-have practical luxuries, simple pleasures, green products and fabulous deals for baby, child, and mother {daily}. Dana and Nidhie's individual knowledge of the industry is a huge asset as they collaborate together supporting one another's businesses. Be sure to "like" BabyElan{Daily} on Facebook here so you can be fully up to date with the latest and greatest!

Photo by Jamie Lea
 Sarah Masci is a graphic designer whose "creativity is inspired by the essence of childhood and life's little simplicities." She owns a drop of golden sun, a freelance graphic design service featuring paper goods, stationery, wall decor and more. Fellow bloggers, you may especially be interested that she offers web design and blog template services as well! If you like Belly Elan's and BabyElan{Daily}'s logos, look no further! This girl is the designer. Oh and if you visit her Etsy store, you may just find a creation by one of the Roof's original co-founders, Aundrea (aka Zerbert Baby)-smalllll world! Please "like" Sarah and a drop of golden sun on Facebook here so you can follow her many exciting projects--many of them in conjunction with both Nidhie and Dana.

So, one day last summer, these three were at the pool together and came up with a joint venture called the Elan Card. Basically, it is an exclusive card, currently local to the Charlotte area, giving women and mothers of all ages valuable discounts and promotions to restaurants, stores, social venues and places of entertainment. The card works everytime you shop and has no expiration date. You can see the fabulous list of vendors providing discounts and promotions exclusively for Elan Card holders here and you can purchase one for yourself here.  Also, be sure to like Elan Card on Facebook here because it is a great way to find out about giveways and promotions that aren't necessarily exclusive to the Elan Card but offered by Elan Card vendors. Isn't this idea so great? I think it should be in every city.

Here is where the fun begins! We have a discount AND a giveaway generously provided by these three.

  • Sarah is offering the ladies of the Roof 15% off anything at a drop of golden sun's Etsy store. Simply enter RWAV15 upon checkout. There are some cuuuute things so get to shopping, ladies. Thank you, Sarah!
  • These three are hosting a RWAV Giveaway and providing Elan Cards for FIVE lucky winners! To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post. For any of the four Facebook pages mentioned above that you "liked," you will get an additional entry, so be sure to let us know if you showed them some Facebook love. Winners will be randomly selected next Friday. Thank you, Elan Card ladies!
TGIF! Ya'll getting ready for your looong weekend? Be safe out there.



    April Hunt said...

    I have an Elan card and it's great!!! I use it at Jack Be Natural all the time for my cloth diaper stuff!! I also have some of Sarah's great stationary-and some of her ADORABLE recipe cards. She also just made me a print that I'm going to be getting framed of the little saying.."good moms have sticky floors, dirty ovens, and happy kids"

    HPS said...

    Thanks for commenting, April! I saw a pic of that sign on your FB but didn't realize Sarah did it. I think I need that for sure!

    Tiffany said...

    I would love an Elan Card! So amazing!

    Tiffany said...

    I like the Elan Card on FB

    Tiffany said...

    I like Baby Elan Daily on FB

    Tiffany said...

    I like BAby Elan on FB

    Tiffany said...

    I like drop of golden sun on fb..

    SouthernCakeQueen said...

    Its my birthday month and I am feeling lucky...I liked drop of golden sun and baby elan on fb!

    Melissa Smith said...

    Liked Elan Card on FB. Would love to have one!!