Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Early Riser

Do you have an early riser? Just because your child wakes up at 6:30 (or earlier) doesn't mean you have to start your day at that time! Introducing: The Light Timer!!! Two weeks before I moved my son from his crib to his bed I introduced this technique. Here's how it works:
  • Set the timer to turn a light on when you want to begin your day. For us that is 7:30 AM. You may have to slowly work up to your start time. For example, if your child wakes at 6:30 AND is upset then set the timer for 6:45. They will only be upset for 15 minutes, but will learn that you come in when the light turns on. Then, gradually add 5 minutes to the start time (in our example we would change it from 6:45 to 6:50) until you get to your desired start time.
  • Stand outside the door one minute before the timer will turn the light on.
  • When the light comes on IMMEDIATELY walk in with a big "good morning!" and begin your day.
Then, when you're ready to transition to a bed your child will know that you start your day when the light comes on.
  • When your child gets out of bed (and of course they will) simply place them back in bed and say "wait for your light to come on". Do this as many times as necessary. You can incorporate Supper Nanny's "Stay in Bed Technique".
Get creative with the timer!
  • When my son turned 3 I changed the rules a bit. I had the light come ON at 7:00 AM and he was allowed to play quietly in his room until 7:30 AM when the light turned OFF.
  • My boys bed time is 7:30 PM. My 4 year old still takes a 1 1/2 hour nap so he isn't ready to fall asleep until around 8:00PM. I could use the timer to allow him to "read" in his bed for a half hour until his light goes OFF. I haven't done this yet.


HPS said...

Do you think this would work for husbands!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

Jesikarena said...

Seriously! I need one for my husband! On the weekends he will NOT stay in bed and cuddle! : (

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

My daughters fall asleep in their beds. The real problem is that about after three or four hours of sleep, they wake up and come into our room to sleep. Now that my 2 year and 4 year are bigger, they're some long legged kickers. My husband ends up edged to side and I curl up at the end of the bed like a cat. Do you think the Super Nanny's techinque will work for middle of the night bedroom trips.

Carolina Clipper said...

BrooklynShoeBabe- I know the Super Nanny technique would work for your situation. You just have to be ready for the challenge. I know your girls will fight the change, but if you stick it out a couple nights everyone will adjust. Good, QUALITY sleep is important for all members of the family. Let us know what happens!

Happy Four said...

Richelle, this is a great idea! My little one won't go to bed until his lamp is on. I am going to get the boys timers for p.m. and a.m.

Thank you!

Carolina Clipper said...

Happy Four~ My digital timer can have two different start and end times. So, you can get one device and set an AM and PM time. I got it at Lowes.