Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Kids Raising Money to Help Kids ... with Cupcakes!

As a mom, I am always looking for projects that can involve children and help others. It is imperative to me that my kids grow up to understand the importance of doing for others. And hands-on projects in which they can truly participate (especially at such a young age) are sometimes hard to find, let alone put into action.

That's why I was so excited to learn about a project called The Cupcake Kids. It's an outreach through which children hold cupcake sales--reminiscent of front-yard lemonade stands--and send the proceeds to an organization that helps orphans in Africa.

That organization, Sixty Feet, is working to improve the horrific living conditions of imprisoned children in Uganda.

What's that? Imprisoned children?

Sadly, yes.

I first learned about Sixty Feet at an adoption retreat. While there, I watched a documentary about the work that Sixty Feet is doing in Uganda to help orphaned children who are being imprisoned in horrible conditions. The footage we saw was haunting, if anything. Children are locked up, often with no running water and with not even a mattress on which to sleep. And while the stench could not be adequately caught on camera, it was portrayed in the reaction of the visitors in the film. Since that time, I have been following the ministry's blog and have been encouraged by reading about the tangible things that are being done for these kids--and all in the Name of Jesus.

The good news is ... we can help--and our children can help, too!

That's where The Cupcake Kids comes in. The project, which just began last year, was actually started by children who wanted to help the children in Uganda. Here is more info from the website: "The Cupcake Kids was really the kids’ idea. They had been watching their parents becoming involved with a ministry in Uganda, Africa, called Sixty Feet, and they wanted to help out in their own way. 'Why don’t we sell cupcakes and lemonade on the corner one afternoon and give all the money to the kids in Africa?' they said one day. 'OK, why not?' So we gathered some friends, designed a sign or two, baked some adorable cupcakes and sat out on the street corner. Some folks showed up. And God showed up…big time!"

And that was just last year. This year, so far, The Cupcake Kids has raised more than $50,000! And 100 percent of profits raised at each sale goes directly to Sixty Feet! The first (inter)national Cupcake Kids sale took place just a few months ago--April 16, 2010--more than 125 sales were held in 35 states and four countries. The next (inter)national sale date is scheduled for mid-May of 2012. But here's the thing: 

Anyone can hold a Cupcake Kids sale at any time!

Here's how to participate--directions found right on The Cupcake Kids site:

How to host a Cupcake Kids sale:

1.  Let The Cupcake Kids know when and where you are having a sale. You can register your sale at
2.  Spread the word through Facebook, fliers, blogs, emails, and good old-fashioned word of mouth.
3.  Make some cupcakes (or other goodies) and some lemonade (or other drinks).
4.  Choose a safe location (there will be lots of kids running around!) that is well-traveled.
5.  Set up a table, hang some signs, print some fliers about why you are having the sale and shout out at the top of your lungs, “Cupcakes! Lemonade!”
6.  We have found in the past it’s better if you don’t put a set price on the goods for sale. We like to engage people in conversation and explain to them about Sixty Feet and the children in Uganda. And we’ve been known to sell cups of lemonade for $25!
7.  Take lots of pictures and email them to The Cupcake Kids at  We’ll post them on the website and celebrate together!
8.  When all your money is collected, email The Cupcake Kids the total and send a check to:
SixtyFeet Inc. 3715 Northside Parkway
Building 300, Suite 110
Atlanta, Georgia 30327

Who would have thought that cupcakes could be used to help orphans in Africa? Well, believe it! God is using children and cupcakes here in the United States--and around the world--to raise awareness of and funds for Uganda's imprisoned children. What a great cause with a lasting impact--not to mention a fun project that helps children learn about giving in a tangible way. Thank you, Cupcake Kids! And thank you, Sixty Feet, for allowing the Lord to use you to help imprisoned children in Uganda.


CC said...

I LOVE this - thanks for sharing!

The Fruitful Family said...

Even though I've been involved with The Cupcake Kids since the very beginning, I have tears running down my cheeks as I read this! I'm still in such awe that God uses such humble means to accomplish his great purposes!

HPS said...

Thank you for sharing this! We are excited to hopefully using this as a fall outreach opportunity! Fruitful Family, LOVE it. God bless you!