Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Train Up Tuesday: Reflecting on the Year

“You crown the year with your bounty; your wagon tracks overflow with abundance.” - Psalm 65:11 (ESV)

In just a few days, we wrap up what we knew as 2009. For some, it is a relief, perhaps due to a difficult year; others will reflect on it for the joys that it brought. In either case, believers in Christ can thank God for his provisions, grace and mercy. As parents, we should take this opportunity to look back at the year with our children. So here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Thankfully for digital technology, it is easier now more than ever to look through a years worth of photos chronologically. You may already have a feature on your computer that allows you to set a slide show. Even if you don’t have time to sort through favorite photos, perhaps you can set computer up to show pictures from 2009 all day on New Year’s Eve. This may prompt you to remember what you and the kids may otherwise forget that you are thankful for this past year. The kids will love seeing themselves and recalling favorite events, activities, and occasions.
  2. Make a calendar for next year using this year’s photos. My family did that for a few years as Christmas gifts for grandparents. It was always a joy to see how far the children have come developmentally or physically from the previous year.
  3. Look through your 2009 calendar and talk about the events and moments of the year. What are you thankful for as a parent? How has your little one changed for the better? Let him know about that. What does your child like about the last year? Also reflect on the difficult times that the Lord has brought your family through or is bringing you through. Talk about the hope that awaits in a new year when you have Christ in your life.
  4. Store things in a time capsule, or make a special journal entry, scrap book page, or a cute placemat to commemorate favorite events from the year.

This year, I am so thankful to have watched my small boys grow together, playing together, teaching and learning from each other. I’m thankful for a husband who adores God, and loves his family and works hard so I can be home with my boys.

What does your family do to reflect on a year that is coming to an end? What are you particularly thankful for this year?

Join me next week as I offer ideas for starting a fresh new year with your little ones!

Much love,


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Angel Eye Portraits said...

Ashlie, I love this post. These are great ideas and I look forward to creating our time capsule. I look forward to continuing with Roof with a View in 2010!