Saturday, January 2, 2010


Happy New Year Roof with a Viewers!! We hope that your celebration of Jesus' birth was blessed and surrounded by family and friends. For those that have been experiencing loss and hardship, I pray the Lord touched you in a special way as you reflected upon His birth and that you will feel his presence as we approach a new year and decade.

Are you a woman that likes to make resolutions? I'll be honest that I'm really not but I sure love to hear my friend's resolutions!

Well, if one of your resolutions happens to be better about saving money or to jump back on the coupon wagon, you are in luck! Word on the street is that tomorrow's Sunday paper is going to possibly be the best of the year. I heard a money saving guru on the radio saying she is even planning on buying TEN (so, THAT's where all those papers disappear)! Apparently, there will be FIVE (rather than the norm 2 or 3) inserts (3 SmartSource and 2 Red Plum). Click here for a list of ALL the coupons (they may vary by region). All the rage seems to be the 2.50 off Electrasol/Finish (doesn't take much to get us women excited)! all means, don't forget your paper tomorrow. Just remember to be considerate of the rest of us that might not make it to the store until after you and don't hog ALLLLL the papers off the stand! :)

Love ya'll!


AmyA said...

I hope you all have better success than I did - I bought three papers this morning and not one of them had all 5 inserts. They were each missing a different one! Oh well, that's the way it goes sometimes . . .

Carolina Clipper said...

I bought 5 papers and all of them had the inserts. $287 worth of coupons! I love it.