Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Train Up Tuesday: Happy Birthday, Jesus!

So far this month, you seen that in the last couple of years, my family has taken on (and created) some new traditions. But one of our favorite traditions is the way that we celebrate Christmas night.

For us, our busiest day is Christmas Eve (always at least 3 places to visit). Christmas day isn’t too hairy, but still, it is Christmas Day. The last couple years we have enjoyed relaxing on Christmas night with immediate family and maybe a friend or two at our home celebrating Christ’s birth with a sweet birthday party. I usually decorate with a happy birthday banner and whatever festive table cloth from the most recent birthday of that year. We make make a pink cake (strawberry) with white icing (last year we made small heart shaped cakes for each person). Perhaps we share the Christmas story as the children play with a nativity scene or watch the movie “The Nativity Story”. Last year, we read the last chapter of “One Wintry Night”. Whatever we do, we end the night with singing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus as we hold our heart shaped cakes in our hands to symbolize what we give Him and remembering what He did for our hearts.

It’s a small, somewhat low key celebration. But it is the sweetest hour of our Christmas season. My boys LOVE birthday parties and know how special it is that everyone has one (in fact, my “Sunshine” wonders why adults don’t have birthday parties every year!). I think a party helps to make it real for them - that Christmas itself is a big celebration for Christ’s birth. He really did come! He really was born! It’s more than just a story!

Aren’t you glad he came? As a side note, I wondered this year more than ever, “what if Christ had never been born?” Perhaps it’s because “It’s a Wonderful Life” is one of my all time favorites. I came across an interesting letter to a church regarding my question. I encourage you to check it out and perhaps share it at your “birthday party” for The King!

Have a Christ-filled and Christ honored Christmas,



Emilee Martin said...

I love your post Ash.
Merry Christmas!!

Ashlie Miller said...

Thanks, Em ;-)