Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Train Up Tuesday: An "Unholiday"

Did you come up with a way to beautify your view last week? (let us know the ideas your kids had!)

This week, if you're looking for an activity, consider going through your holiday idea list. You may know I love to do Advent countdown for Christmas, but I declare, even with a list and a schedule, you just don't always get to everything (and that's a GOOD thing...we all need a little flexibility). Maybe you have a craft, a recipe, or activity you didn't get to during a holiday (Christmas, Easter, Valentine's, anything). Who says you have to wait until the next time it comes around? I promise that your kids won't really care.

We did just that recently. I had purchased a Snoopy "holiday" cookie kit at Hobby Lobby on 50% off (don't sweat it, the ingredients in the box were still okay ;-). So, the boys and I did a little "unholiday" baking!

A little butter for the cookies (and a taste for this little guy!)

His first time cracking an egg...what are the CHANCES that I'd get THIS shot?!

Rolling out the dough..

Pressing out the cookie...

Time to decorate!

And being the Snoopy lover that I am, I HAD to decorate one, too!

I call it "Snoopy with a side of sunburn". Hey, who said the "unholiday" baking had to look so "holidayish"?!

So what "unholiday" ideas would get your kids excited? Ask them, and then post their favorites here!

Have fun!

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