Monday, June 6, 2011

Marvelous Monday: Deals for Dad

Hey gals! Father's day is less than 2 weeks away. Have you already found something for your guy (or Dad, Step-dad, Grandfather, etc.)?

I think men can be tough to buy for in general. My husband groans when he sees so many "suggestions" for gifts for men. More often than not, they are dust catchers and silly desk-top knick-knacks that have no real meaning or value.

One thing that I have seen make the men in my life light up are things made with photos of my boys or our family. We did calendars with photos on each month for a couple Christmases and the year we didn't do one, my father-in-law did not do a good job concealing his disappointment. I often wrack my brain trying to come up with something. Most of the men in my life don't wear ties or other accessories. They don't have hobbies for which I can buy. What to do, what to do?!

Then, a few weeks ago (Memorial Day weekend), I received an email from Vista Print about a GREAT deal on their items AND 3 day shipping for orders over $50. Now, we already know that our own Hannah here on the roof is a fan ;-). So, I thought I'd see what I could do. Well, I am MORE than happy with what I received! (*WARNING! IF YOU ARE A MAN IN MY FAMILY< STOP READING!!!! ;-) ) For $50, I got 3 personalized t-shirts, (here is one of them)

a keychain of me and my love,

A HUGE magnet,

A reusable outdoor banner (I have 3 boys, so this one will get used LOTS)

I also bought a small stamp with my oldest son's name (he loves stamping, so this will be a gift for him later) and some hanger things for the birthday banner. Not a bad deal, eh? I could have spent less if I had not uploaded photos for the gifts. Some items are even free! There are other designs you can personalize with text and no personal graphic. Check out Vista Print often, get on their mailing list for great deals. Once you try it, you'll probably be hooked! ;-)

Also, if you need a great Father's Day card, Tiny Prints has a deal that ends tomorrow - cards for 99 cents and FREE shipping if you have it sent to your home. You can personalize them with your own photos! A great deal for a card, for sure! The code is "fday99" to get his deal.

Hope you score some fun gifts!

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HPS said...

Love your loot, Ash. Way to get creative! I won't say I TOLD YA SO. Hahahahahahah :)