Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Train Up Tuesday: Summer Planning

What do you do during the summer as a mom?

Some of us let it go unstructured, letting our kids have full reign of their days.  I remember summers like that.  Playing outside, watching cartoons for WAY too long inside, eating lots of sandwiches and spaghettiOs, reading books in preparation for school in the fall.

Some families continue intentional learning - visiting the library, reading LOTS of books, art and music projects, studying the backyard, going on hikes, scheduled playgroups.

Maybe you have a summer "bucket list".  They seem to be gaining popularity.  Pinterest has LOADS of ideas for these!

If you are a homeschooler (or considering homeschooling), perhaps you are wracking your brain and nerves over the summer deciding on a curriculum! ;-)

Wherever you are in starting your summer, we invite you to go through our archives to find some fun ideas to keep your summer fun and memorable!  Click our labels on the right panel ----------->
to explore Summer Time fun (reading ideas, travel boxes, summer activity lists, loads of ideas for fun with water/sand/nature/chalk); or perhaps you are considering homeschooling or have been doing it for a while but feel inadequate and overwhelmed, please check our Homeschooling label for encouragement and more information on stepping into it.

Hope your summer is off to a GREAT start!

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