Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Train Up Tuesday: Summer Kick-Off!

Hey gals!

Well, although it isn't "officially" summer, I'm sure most of you have children who are out for the summer (or at least will be within the next 2 weeks?). Even though summertime holds some of my favorite moments, I know that it can be easy to fall into a summertime "rut" this day and age. (Is it just me or does it seem like kids have more "to do" and play with than ever, yet STILL manage to get "bored"?)

Hopefully, we'll be able to provide some ideas as well as specific activities to help bring a smile each week :)

This week, think about enjoying what's out your window (an idea I swiped from "Large Family Logistics"). Seriously, take a moment with your child(ren) and look out a window (i.e. his bedroom window, a living room window, or wherever you most often look out). Ask your child what they see, what they like seeing, and then how they think they could make it more beautiful. Maybe they like the flowers in a neighbors yard. Perhaps you could plant some annuals around the tree he sees through his favorite window. Maybe she has a favorite tree she likes to sit under. Perhaps you could work on building a swing for the tree.

At our home, we've really enjoyed watching the birds fly into our yard and peck at the birdseed cakes. My boys and I had a great time recently, making a wonderful gift for our fine feathered friends. We combined a couple of really great ideas: The Perfect Pinecone and a Bird Nest Helper. Honestly, it's not that I'm THAT creative...I'm just a resourceful idea thief (and shameless at that). We had received a bird feeder kit as a birthday gift that contained the peanut butter, the seeds, and instead of a pinecone, a grapevine ball. So, with thanks to all the idea givers ;-), here we go:

First you need scraps of fabric, string, and such...

Cram the grapevine ball with your helpful nesting scraps

Next, get your jar of peanut butter (we were lucky to have received the really good Whipped stuff)...

He ESPECIALLY thought it was the good stuff ;-)

Fortunately, most of the peanut butter made it onto the ball!

Next, you'll need some birdseed

Now, enjoy sprinkling the ball, rolling it around in the birdseed

Finally you can hang it on a favorite tree and enjoy the "visitors"

Honestly, we are still waiting to see our feathery friends. I find that it usually takes them a couple of weeks to warm up to the notion of whatever birdseed we put out. Odd?

So, what ideas can you and your kids come up with for changing what you see out the window of your home? Be creative! What about those of you who live in 2nd story apartments or have some other "limitations"? I'd love to hear your ideas!

Have a happy week,

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HPS said...

We have 3 feeders outside the window by our kitchen table and we might be a sight to see staring at those feeders while we eat and getting excited when birds come. Who ever thought birds could be so entertaining?!?!? We'll have to make one of these!