Monday, May 2, 2011

Marvelous Monday: The Perfect Pinecone

I have a 4 year old who loves to bring me treasures from the yard; a cool leaf, a random rock, a lady bug - you name it. A recent treasure was 'the perfect pinecone' and he was ever so proud of it. I had it on display in the kitchen for about two weeks.

Spring Break was last week for our Preschool and I tried to have something special for my boys to do each day...the library, a play date, lunch with grandma etc. It was a great week and I thought I was home free until someone reminded me that there was no school on Easter Monday. Clearly I was so on top of things as a mom that I knew this? Oh boy. This one blew completely past me and I needed something special for today as well. "The Perfect Pinecone" to the rescue!

After lunch and my youngest had been put down for a nap, my four year old and I set out to make a fun, inexpensive craft involving a pinecone, some peanut butter and some birdseed.

I put about 1/4 of a cup of peanut butter on a plate and gave him a butter knife to spread it all over the pinecone. He LOVED it. It was messy and cool and he had my undivided attention.

After the peanut butter, he got to sprinkle birdseed all over the pinecone.

Next...oh one would think you'd rush right out and tie it to a tree but I used my mom skills for nap leverage! If he took a really good nap, we'd hang it on the tree when he woke up. My plan worked beautifully and we have a pinecone hanging from a tree in our front yard. It's masked well by the leaves and flowers and was a fun project for the two of us.

I hope your Spring Breaks were fabulous - I'm always up for fun suggestions of things to do if you have any to share!  Happy Monday. Have a Marvelous one!

Be blessed!

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Ashlie Miller said...

Oh, we just love the pinecone thing at our house, too! We also received as a spring birthday gift a "kit" to make a bird feeder - a jar of peanut butter, bird seed in a baggie, and one of those balls made from like grapevine twine (hollow on the inside) to cover in the feed mixture. What a GREAT gift idea, huh?!