Monday, May 30, 2011

Marvelous MEMORIAL MonDAY: Honoring the Honorable!

Dear Military Wives,

As our country honors your spouses today, in RWAV fashion, we want to honor YOU and your sacrifice!

Thank you for all of the heart wrenching goodbyes you have said on behalf of our freedom.

 Thank you for all of the exhilirating "welome homes" that you took the time to make extra special for your men on behalf of our freedom.
Thank you for enduring the unknowns, the unbearable, the gut wrenching pain, great loss and grief--for wives like us and our families that you don't even know--on behalf of our freedom.
Today, we honor YOU among the honorable. Your men couldn't do it without you--and neither could we OR our country. God bless you, precious women! We salute you.

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