Saturday, December 4, 2010

SAHS: Part 2-Christmas Decorating

Be sure to enjoy Catherine's Savory Smackerel, Russian Tea, on our 1st SAHS post! While you're sipping away with her, maybe you want to begin decorating, decorate a little more or even put on your finishing touches.

I wanted to remind you of this Christmas post from last year because it includes some of my favorite Christmas DIY ideas. Click here.

Most recently, my 3 year old and I put Imogene's great decorating idea from here to use and made this wreath for my daughter's bedroom door from some balls that we found in the dollar section at Target. It's the perfect wreath for a children's bedroom door and it only cost $2 (we already had the wreath in our Christmas decorating box). Thanks for the idea, Imogene!

Happy Decorating and Happy Saturday!


Happy Four said...

Hannah, did you apply the Christmas Balls with glue or use Christmas tree hanging hooks?

Blessings, Caroline

HPS said...

Hi Caroline! We applied them w/ hooks and just made sure the top was clamped all the way closed. Does that make sense?

Happy Four said...

Thank you for sharing the how to of the project. I am going to try it :)