Saturday, December 4, 2010

Stay at Home Saturday: Depends on how you look at it...

Ever since the gigantic green recycle bin got delivered to my home, I’ve been a recycling lunatic. So much so, I crammed too much into it this past week and the recycle truck spilled half of the contents on the street. Lovely.

The high school boy who bagged my groceries got a little too enthusiastic in his bagging capabilities and put 27 too many cans in a PLASTIC bag that ended up ripping as I took it out of my trunk. My foot has a nice gash on it where the yams landed. Lovely.

There is a lizard that has taken up residence in our garage and he scares me out of my mind every time I walk to the passenger side of the car. Lovely.

The icicle lights decided to burn out in the very middle of the strand after they were hung above the garage. We don’t even look like the Griswald’s at this point. Lovely.

My one year old got into the Whoopie Pies I bought from the school bake sale and ate all of them. My refrigerator and child are now chocolate and cream covered. Lovely.

But you know what else? I baked a hot blue cheese and bacon dip as a surprise for my husband and he loved it! Every time we turn on the Christmas lights on the tree, my boys squeal with delight. I discovered some cooked and shredded chicken in my freezer that will cut my dinner preparation down exponentially and I found my Russian Spiced Tea Mix recipe of which I have all the ingredients happily sitting in my pantry. My four year old got a great report from school (not to mention he actually sang and did a few of the hand motions in the preschool choir musical), all of the socks that have been doing a disappearing act were discovered stuffed behind the baby’s crib and I have enough garland to decorate the mantle without having to make an additional trip to the craft store. Our family Christmas photo was captured just before the batteries in the camera died and I might have the next award winning Apple Danish recipe sitting on my kitchen counter.

No matter how I choose to look at my day, God is good and I am blessed.

Here’s a little recipe to warm your heart as you look back on your day:

Russian Spiced Tea Mix
½ c. instant tea mix
¾ c. sugar
7 oz. jar of Tang
1 three ounce package of presweetened lemonade mix (Wylers or Country Time)
1 t. cinnamon
½ t. ground cloves

Mix all of the above ingredients together and store in a sealable container so your child can’t open it as he hurls it across the living room. Add 2-3 teaspoons to a mug of hot water and enjoy.

CC – the musing foodie :)


Ashlie Miller said...

Lovely :) Thanks for sharing the recipe. One of my faves for this time of year!

Caroline G. said...

Great post and the recipe sounds divine. Thank you!

CC said...

Thanks Ladies - I hope you enjoy!