Sunday, November 21, 2010

Marvelous Monday: Getting Ready for Christmas Decorating

Thanksgiving Countdown...3 days!!!

Happy Monday!

Did ya'll take your turkey out to thaw yesterday?!?! If you need help getting focused for Turkey Day, you can click here.

I will be doing a couple of posts over the next couple of weeks on fun and cheap ideas for decorating your house for the holidays. I know you want to focus on Thanksgiving first but wanted to get you started since many of you may already be decorating or will be this coming weekend.

First, as you look in any home decor magazines or Christmas catalogues and find fun ideas, tear out the page(s) and try to copy. I love doing this especially with trying to decide how I want my mantel to look. You can do this from door designs to table settings and you will be so surprised at how you can create these designs with similar things you already have in your house. Once I get my decor on I will make sure to post pictures.

Greenery ~Make sure when you go and buy your tree you tell them that you want the extra limbs from the bottom. I was surprised to see that these around my house on the mantel and stair cases will last the entire month with not drying out too much. What a surprise and it was free! If you use a fake tree you can also ask for others leftovers and it will bring that fresh smell into your house.

You can also use these limbs to make swags for your front door. All you do is gather the branch part of the limbs and tie with a bow and you are done. If you decide you like this you can make them to go through out your house as well. I may make and additional trip to a hardware store and ask for the others that have been discarded and they are more than happy to give them to me.

Left Over Decorations ~Make sure to go through your old decorations that you may not be using and repurpose the items through your house. A couple of years ago I started with new balls and only use three colors. This may change this year, but I took my multi colored balls and put them in my sways and on top of my cabinets with old garland I used at my old house that I can not use here on the front. Great big glass jars or vases can be filled with these and placed around the house. I even let my three year old decorate our old wreath from our front door with ornaments that he picked out and put on the door to his room last year. This really made him feel included.

Happy Decorating!


~pictures are from Pottery Barn

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