Friday, November 19, 2010

Stay at Home Saturday: Planning your Turkey Day

Thanksgiving Countdown...5 days!!!

I know most of your minds are fixated on the busy upcoming week and being ready for spending Thanksgiving with your family and friends but indulge me for a minute.

I just have to say that I love blogging (even though it's been more of a challenge time wise with my two new babies). I also love girlfriends. One of my favorite things about blogging is meeting and getting to know people in a fashion that may happen under normal circumstances.

For example, I've gotten to know a wonderfully sweet friend largely through blogging. We did have some mutual friends. I did meet her at a birthday party. I did see her every Sunday in the choir at church and every day at preschool but on the instances that we would speak, it basically included a quick smile and a how do ya do? It was through reading her writing style and point of view on her blog (and commenting-GASP!) that I realized she might be one of my soul sistahs. :) I've enjoyed getting to know her, sharing emails, you know...taking the how do ya dos to the next level (no, I promise I'm not in 8th grade).

Why am I telling you all of this? Because you are going to benefit, too! This friend's name is Catherine (aka Musing Foodie) and she is going to share some in the future here on the Roof (stay tuned for Wednesday in the Word this week)! Catherine has a great blog, Musing Foodie, where she has been doing a 4 part Turkey Day planning series and she said we can share it with you today. For detail, you can visit Musing Foodie but we will give you a summary to make sure you have your "i"s dotted and "t"s crossed for your Turkey Day.

Part 1-Make master list including guests, menu and who is bringing what. List all ingredients needed for dishes you are making. Go to your cabinets and match your food list with serving dishes so you aren't at a loss at the last minute. See post for a typical Musing Foodie Menu.

Part 2-Set table in formal dining room with placecards. Decide which dishes to make ahead of time aiming to make them on Tuesday so the flavors can "get happy." See post for dishes NOT to prepare ahead. Remember planning for appetizers are key to buy time for last minute prep on THE day. See post for great stuffing recipe.

Part 3-How to cook a turkey and recipe for the best turkey ever (don't be intimidated)! Oh, and a mashed potato recipe for good measure...

Part 4- Shedule summary:
  • Pull turkey out of freezer on Sunday to thaw (be sure place in pan).
  • Make side dishes and appetizers on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Make turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy on Thursday.

Also included in Part 4 is a gravy recipe and a little diddy on desserts.

We're sure you will want to pay a visit to Musing Foodie to get to know Catherine firsthand. We also know her helpful Turkey Day hints will save you a lot of trial and error. Now, do us a favor~if you mosy over there, puhleeeeassssse comment, show her some love, tell her we sent you. Bloggers can use encouragement from time to time, too, ya know?

Happy Saturday. Love ya'll!



Happy Four said...

I can't wait to check out Catherine's blog and see more of her on Roof with a View. Have a great weekend.


Ashlie Miller said...

Hooray for another lady on the Roof! And Hannah, you've been tearing it up on here the last couple of weeks! Thanks for all your effort and pulling things together ;-)