Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I could not pass up showing you this picture of the sunset from the window of the plane I was on. We were right above fluffy white clouds with the sunsetting in the distance. There are not words to describe the beauty and majesty of that sunset. Of course, my first thought was of my son in heaven, Nathan. I said to my daughter seated beside me, Nathan sees that beauty and more every single day, every minute of the day. His favorite was sitting on a mountain to watch a sunset and it brought me great joy and peace to think that He is with the Creator of all this intricate beauty now and enjoys this and more all the time. WOW!

This real picture was a visual that confirms the meaning of this scripture:

"...the clouds are the dust of His feet." Nahum 1:3

God Himself is imprinted in the clouds above and the earth under our feet. The Bible makes it clear that if He cares enough to make all that is around with such great detail. Will He not also care for each one of us? I believe He will.

This verse in Nahum says that God is slow to anger and great in power, that He will not leave the guilty unpunished, that His way is in the whirlwind and the storm. Perhaps you are at a point in your life that you do not know where God is and you want so desparately to hear from Him or to see Him move in particular situations in your life. The other day some one asked me if I ever felt that God had failed me in any way. I would have to say that even though I have been through many seasons in my life, I know that God has never failed me. However, I am quite sure that I have failed Him many times because I am not perfect. It is comforting to me and I hope to you that God Himself is walking above me and watching over my life and yours. He IS present every minute, every day.

From the rooftop:

God's foot prints are visible to you every day, look at the clouds.

God is in control of every storm environmentally and emotionally

God is present even when you don't feel it

God wants us to often act on what we know and not what we feel

I am praying for all of us, in the middle of times that are uncertain in many ways, that we will exercise the faith built upon a God whose presence is visible to us every day even when think we can not hear Him. If your child painted a picture and brought it home for you to admire and all you did was say, "that's nice", never looking at the picture your child would be very discouraged and you would have missed a time to really connect with your child. I think that God's connection with us can often come in simple ways that are already evident. We just are not looking. May we have eyes to see God present with us every minute of every day.

God Bless You,



Annie Mendrala said...


It is a great reminder that God is dislpaying His glory all around..sometimes we just don't stop and notice. We are a generation on the go and out of time before the day even begins. Thank you for helping me slow down.


Kristi said...

Thank you for this wonderful post, Glenda.

HPS said...

Love this! Thank you for sharing the view from your seat. It's hard to wrap my mind around the beauty Nathan sees every minute of every day!

Angela Richardson said...

What a beautiful picture and what beautiful perspective! Thank you for sharing this Glenda!