Thursday, July 23, 2009

Uh Oh, It's Magic!

In case you haven't heard (I hadn't until just last month), let me tell you about this amazing product--Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Original. It is awesome!

When we were at the beach, Kate ended up sitting on some crayons in our rental home's booster seat. Well, needless to say, said crayons left quite a few marks on the seat that I could not get out with the cleaning products we had on hand. Just when I thought we might lose part of our deposit (running joke all week) ... family members put my mind at ease with talk of this Mr. Clean Magic Eraser product. I was intrigued.

The family picked up a package of these magic erasers at a local store, and I soon went to work on the booster seat. And just like that ... *poof* ... the crayon markings were gone. It was like ... well ... magic!

Fast forward a few weeks. We are back at home. One morning, I think Kate is happily watching a video in her room. I am doing some things around the house, and she seems to be very content and very quiet. After all, she does love her Little People DVDs. Well ... she loves them all right ... but she also loves to wander. And wander is what she did on this particular day ... right into our room, the door to which I had mistakenly left open.

When I found her, she was on our bed, Sharpie in hand. SHARPIE IN HAND! That is not good, folks. A Sharpie and a toddler do not mix well. Kate loves to draw, and she went to town with that Sharpie ... on our sheets ... on our wall ... on my cedar chest. But the worst of it was on the counter top that is directly behind our headboard. It was bad. Real bad.

And it was with a Sharpie.

Whoo-boy. I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. I decided to laugh (it was partly my fault, after all) and immediately got out that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser package from the beach. I could not believe my very eyes when the Sharpie was starting to come off. Seriously, I couldn't believe it. I did have to scrub and use lots of elbow grease, but it worked! YAY!

I got pretty much all of the Sharpie markings off of the counter top--the sheets, the wall and the cedar chest are a different story. But at least those were minor compared to the artwork that was removable.

I highly recommend Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Original. Go ahead and pick up a package before you need it. You won't be sorry. This would make a nice gift for moms everywhere, too. Happy Cleaning!

A "BEFORE" shot. This photo shows just part of Kate's Sharpie artwork on the counter top that is directly behind our headboard.

And ... AFTER! Look how clean! To put the erasers to use, simply wet and squeeze out excess water. Then go to town. (This is just my opinion. Please use according to the manufacturer's directions. Thank you.) The more you scrub, the smaller and crumblier (for lack of a better word) the eraser will become. (See photo--the eraser piece on the right has obviously been used more than the one on the left.)

Mr. Clean is the man behind that shine!


Donna said...

Yes, I LOVE Mr. Clean magic erasers. They are GREAT on bathtubs. They take the nasty ring around the tub off in seconds. I use them to get grubby fingerprints, dirt off our walls and I use them on our glass shower doors, too.

Oh, and Target has a knock-off version that works just as well, FYI:)

Ashlie.....frequent visitor! said...

Hilarious! Some FB friends & I were JUST talking about the Magic Eraser THIS week! No kidding! :) One gal said she used it to get off a few scuff marks off her car that someone had left her in the parking lot someplace. Her one tip was to be careful rubbing it out b/c you could wipe off the clear coating. Still...good to know for those of us whose cars seem to be magnets for door bangers!!! Oh, and Dollar Tree has a knockoff version too that works well ;-)

Kristi said...

I wish I could buy these by the cases. They work on EVERYTHING!!!!

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