Monday, June 27, 2011

Marvelous Monday: Summer Reading - Free downloadable books

Summer is a great time to pick up a book and read at leisure while your children nap (if they are still napping age) or after the little ones go to bed at night or you have returned home after a long day at the office and the house is quiet as your family dreams of sugar plums or sprinker time fun. 

I recently came upon amazing Christian fiction author Elizabeth Musser and devoured her recent release The Sweetest Thing.  This is one of the best books I have EVER READ.  This month on amazon you can download a copy of one of her earlier releases called The Swan House

From Publishers Weekly
This beautiful story of a young girl coming of age in the midst of racial turmoil and personal tragedy in 1960s Atlanta convincingly describes how religious faith satisfies the girl's deepest longings. Sixteen-year-old Mary Swan Middleton is white, wealthy and privileged "We are, of course, another fine Atlanta family," she says sarcastically. As the novel opens, her artistic and depressed mother has just been killed in an air crash in Paris, leaving a slew of secrets behind. As Mary Swan unlocks the past, she wrestles with her grief over her mother's death and the direction of her own life. But "the Lawd don't neva' waste our pain," says her wise African-American maid, Ella Mae. When Mary Swan begins volunteering with the poor, she falls in love with a handsome black teen, Carl. As she works through her confusion about her feelings for him and her despair over her mother, she finds her true calling as a painter and reformulates her preconceived ideas about race and faith. This creative novel is highly descriptive but not overdone, brimming with touches of humor, factual Atlanta settings, historical incidents and well-developed characters. Some tightening of overlong passages would have accelerated the pace, and the novel would stand on its own more effectively without the introduction and the epilogue, which mostly function as advertisements for a sequel. But these are minor glitches in a book that stands out in recent Christian fiction for its excellent writing and overall quality.
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Follow the link here to secure your copy free of charge (only through June).

You do not need to have an ereader to read downloadable books.  For an informative article that tells you how to read them go here.  One of the publishing groups that I have found to publish highly credible work is Tyndale Publishing.  I recently discovered that each month they offer several of their books to download for free.  Tyndale is offering four books in June only  and one is specifically geared towards tweens and teen girls so if you have one in your household it may be a nice addition to their summer reading.  Hurry over here to see what is being offered this month and if something looks appealing take a minute to download your selection(s)  before we enter July.

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