Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stay at Home Saturday: Savory Smackerels~Mary Mary, How does your garden taste?

I hope our lil series on No mo suppahtime rut has indeed helped you get outta your recipe ruts. It seems that series could go on for weeks but we are going to switch gears a bit. Perhaps we will one day return to it as the need arises. Now, it's time for a new series!

I am blessed that my hubs has taken up gardening as his hobby. There is definitely a satisfaction to "livin' off the land." Before his gardening days and even now for the produce that isn't "in", the roadside and local produce stands are one of our favorite parts of summer. It allows you to support the local farmers, the produce is fresher than in the store and you can't beat the prices. It's a win win!

So here is the question...if you aren't a canner, you have produce coming out your ears that you don't want to waste and you've shared the bounty...what can you possibly do with all of this summertime produce?!? It's time to be creative, girls. Hence our new series Mary, Mary how does your garden taste? where we are hoping to brainstorm and share some substantial ways to put your garden and local produce stand purchases to some serious use.

Let's start with this fine specimen, shall we?

Perhaps you've heard the quote, "A cucumber should be well sliced, and dressed with pepper and vinegar, and then thrown out." Come on. There HAS to be something more you can do with cucumbers than put vinegar on them, use as a salad topping or make pickles.

Here are my thoughts:
  • I'm dying to make a yummy cucumber sauce. I'm talking Magianno's style. Do any of you have a surefire recipe you're willing to share?
  • Musing Foodie kindly shared a homemade buttermilk ranch recipe that you will want to drink. Perhaps we can twist her arm to share it here. We wanted a light dinner last night so I melted some smoked gouda on flatbread, topped with cucumber slices and drizzled it with this dressing. It was so refreshing and a hit with even my meat-loving man.
  • I know I love a hotel and/or spa or when I enter its lobby or waiting area and there are water pitchers full of ice cold water, cucumber, lemon and/or mint. You could do this at home for a refreshing treat!
  • Then, we have orzo. Once again, Musing Foodie pulls through with delish orzo which I reviewed here or another orzo I've made and love is here.
Sooo....have you come up with any outta the box ways to serve up those cukes?!?!? Do tell b/c I have mucho begging to try out your tricks and I don't see canning pickles in my near future. Coming next week...peaches!!!

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