Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Train Up Tuesday: A Rainbow of Fun!

Do any of you use Snapfish? I'm FINALLY making some photobooks of pics I've had stored for a couple of years! I've used Walgreens and Shutterfly and have been pleased. I don't think I've used Snapfish, but I'm on their emailing list. They have a neato promo going this summer. You can enter photos based on a color of the week theme for 7 weeks. If you participate, you get a FREE 5x7 photobook! What a fun project! There are more details and more prizes to win!

Wouldn't this be a fun way to make a "color book" for your kiddos or a young friend? It could be a book to introduce colors to your child. Or maybe in talking about colors, you could also use this as an entry to talk about the gospel. (Remember those witness bead bracelets using the cord and 5 different color beads?...think along those lines)

Also, does anyone other than me remember "The Crayon Box Song"? I LOVED this song as a kid!

I love simple things, like rainbow books, bracelets, or songs that give me an image to remember basic biblical concepts. What are some favorite songs or crafts that you use around your house to instill and remember the basics?


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