Monday, June 13, 2011

Marvelous Monday: No mo Suppahtime rut~Part 5!

Before we begin today's fun, we need to cover one item of bidness. I've been getting some feedback from peeps trying to comment but having trouble. I had tightened comment securities to eliminate those dirty spam comments but didn't mean to cut out your comments! So...if you are having fits trying to comment, please let us know at our Facebook group (since I'm assuming you wouldn't be able to comment on this) and let me know what it does when you try to comment or give me any info. that might help me resolve this issue. I would greatly appreciate it because we would LOVE your comments!

Some days, quick, go-to, easy, tried and true recipes are the ticket to dinnertime sanity. As I mentioned here, it seems many of my fav sisters had the same problemo- a recipe rut. So the recipe sharing began. Thanks to them, you can get outta your suppahtime rut, too, because we're sharing them with you! First, let's review:

Curry Chicken with Brown Rice (Caroline L.)
Homemade Sloppy Joes (Mandi B.)
BBQ Chicken Pizza (Mindi S.)
Black Beans and Rice/Baked Potato Night (Katie L.)

Now, for today's fun! In case you haven't heard me mention like a million times, I big fat heart this time saving, cost saving, flavor bursting tip to getting vein free (gag), grizzle free (double gag), white meat chicken breast.

If you didn't believe my the first 30 times I mentioned it, the proof is in the puddin'. So, here's your puddin'.

I recently bought two packs of those split chicken breasts when they went on sale for .99/lb. Each pack had 3 breasts and did not cost over $3 each (normally close to $8 each). Whipped those babies up in the crockpot like the tips says and here is everything I was able to make with STILL some left over.
  • Chicken Nachos
  • 4- Musing Foodie's Chicken Enchiladas adding black beans and green chiles
  • 24 mini-Nacho Cups for freezer- using leftover Enchilada filling and Trader Joe's whole wheat ready made pizza dough. Babies LOVE these.
  • Chicken Divan
  • 6-Musing Foodie's Buffalo Chicken Squares- substituting biscuits cuz I was outta crescent rolls).
  • 2-Buffalo Chicken wraps (w/ regular ole whole wheat tortillas using leftover buffalo chicken square filling)
  • 24 mini-Buffalo Chicken "cups" for freezer (same principle as nacho cups using leftover buffalo chicken square filling). Hubs loves these and requested them to pack in his lunch.
  • I gave the babes some of the chicken straight up for a dinner AND I have a whole tupperware of it in the freezer for a later date.
Convinced yet? That chicken tip really is the ticket to stretching a little bird breast a looooong way. Tell us some recipes you've come up with using this tip so we can be sure to stay out of our suppahtime ruts.

Happy Monday. Have a Marvelous one!


AmyA said...

I turn my frozen shredded chicken into fajitas that are ready in 20 minutes. I saute sliced peppers and onions in butter and oil, seasoning with salt, pepper, garlic/onion powder, cumin, lemon juice. After about 10 min. I stir in the chicken - usually still frozen - and add more seasoning. Cook together about 10 minutes. Put in a heated tortilla and top with sour cream, cheese, salsa - whatever! So easy and tastes great!

Ashlie Miller said...

The other week, I simply boiled a bunch of chicken and made 2 pans of the Company Chicken casserole AND a HUGE recipe for my fave chicken salad: (from this site)