Friday, June 10, 2011

Free-for-all Friday: Mompreneur~SoupKids' Custom Covers

We LOVE Mompreneurs here on the Roof and we love to support them. Today is devoted to an amazing Mompreneur and her cutie patootie creations.

Ladies, meet Kristin Campbell of SoupKids (get it? Campbell Soup. I tell you what~she's good!). Kristin is a dedicated, genuine, nurturing, determined, comical, infectious wife, mom of three and friend. In fact, she was the very first friend I met on my very first day of college waaaay back when we were 18 and her friendship has been a blessing to me ever since.

Kristin has always been creative and taken her ideas to "the next level" no matter what they are. When she taught herself to sew, I knew she wouldn't stop there...and she didn't. As she birthed her new talent alongside three beautiful children, she also began the venture of SoupKids- classic, customized creations for children. You can ask my college sisterhood just how delighted we've been-especially about her mad monogramming skillz. I don't think one single one of the sisterhood's collective 40 children ranging from birth to elementary age have gotten past infancy without a SoupKids monogram or creation. We Southern girls are thrilled for the legacy to continue as long as our children will allow!

Clearly, I could go on and on but I'm excited to share SoupKids' most unique custom item. I think this is definitely my fav of Kristin's brilliant ideas. It is also one I get asked about pretty much everywhere I go--her custom covers. Kristin has multiple fabrics that you can select to cover your car seat, bouncy seat or high chair OR you may send her your fabric of choice if you wish. She will make a cover to fit your item and finish that baby off with a coordinating monogram. Here are just a few examples:

These covers have a two in one benefit. They make your baby equipment more appealing to the eye AND keep them protected from stains leaving them virtually spotless which makes them PRIME Craigslist inventory later!

If you are interested in your own personal SoupKids creation or need a FABULOUS gift, email Kristin at kcampbell84(at)nc(dot)rr(dot)com. Her going rate for the car seat cover is $68.00 if she provides the fabric. However, Kristin wanted to show the ladies of the Roof some love and if you tell her we sent you, she will give you a 10% discount! She's sweet like that. :) So, order up and share your SoupKids creations with us!

Here's to MomPreneurs! Happy Friday!

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