Monday, May 23, 2011

Marvelous Monday: A Savory Smackerel~No mo suppah rut Part 3!

Some days, quick, go-to, easy, tried and true recipes are the ticket to dinnertime sanity. As I mentioned here, it seems many of my fav sisters had the same problemo- a recipe rut. So the recipe sharing began. Thanks to them, you can get outta your suppahtime rut, too, because we're sharing them with you!

Tonight, we're having the Coconut Milk Curry Chicken! Last night, we had another EASY PEASY that my friend, Mindi, shared. There are two GOLDEN NUGGETS that you can put to use to make her tip extra easy and yum.

1. Remember this chicken tip? Use that moist (sorry, don't like that word), flavor filled frozen chicken to save time. OR you can even use rotisserie chicken, too.

2. Trader Joe's and our local chain, Harris Teeter...oh and we've even gotten it at Publix at the beach, too!...have balls of white and/or whole wheat pizza dough already prepared and all you have to do is spread it on a pizza pan. It's only like 1.99 and SO good. I usually find it in the deli area by the deli cheese and meats, pre-made subs and take and bake pizzas.

That being said, here's Mindi's GREAT go-to dinner tip to get you outta a supper rut. My hubs told me I should patent it last night he likeyed so much. Thanks, Mindi! ;)

Homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza
For homemade pizza (and using frozen shredded chicken) I love to make BBQ chicken pizza.  I keep bacon in the freezer and just cut into bits and fry them.  Use some of the leftover grease to caramelize red onions.  Spread BBQ sauce on the pizza crust, top with shredded mozzarella or mont jack cheese, shredded chicken, onions and bacon bits.  Sooo yum.  It's one of our favorite homemade pizzas.  Not sure if this will go over well for the kids.  I usually make two pizzas.  One with pepperoni or just cheese and one BBQ chicken.

Happy Monday! Have a marvelous one.

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