Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Train Up Tuesday: So You Think You Want to Homeschool (Series...Part 1)

Sometimes, I'll admit, I have NO idea what to write to sweet ladies. Occasionally I'll get "divine inspiration". Other times, it's just something I like talking about. Once in a while I'll just skip it because I feel like I have nothing interesting to bring to you. However, there are unique times when my life seems inundated with a particular topic or question by several friends. This post is for that type of instance.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've had several gal friends, other women from church, female family members, and such ask me about "homeschooling". I'm blessed, because glory goes to God in that they see something positive in our family's experience so far with it. To be fair, we've only been homeschooling for about a year. We aren't even "registered" yet since we were playing it by ear (my 5 year old didn't meet the birthday cut-off; I also was about to give birth when school started).

However, we have been very blessed in our experiences this year. That's amazing. A year ago, I knew nothing about homeschooling (other than what we all "know"....that homeschoolers are a bunch of unsocialized kids that might be really good at reading and spelling). I didn't even know what I "didn't know," since it wasn't part of my culture growing up. Does that make sense?

So, what did we do? I know it sounds simple and basic, but we prayed. I didn't have lots of time to research (one of my favorite things, honestly). I knew I wouldn't have a lot of time to prepare each lesson with 3 little ones. I didn't know where to start to get started! So, my husband and I prayed about all those things. Mainly, we prayed that God would guide and direct our search.

And He did. I asked ladies that I respected and admired, having learned that they homeschooled. Two of them had the same answer for where to start, as far as a resource to get me pointed in the right direction (I'll share that in the coming weeks, so stay tuned).

We also kept our nose in the Word. The curriculum and teaching approach that we thought we were leaning towards was validated in our own readings of the Bible. Now, I'm not saying that the curriculum we chose is what everyone should use. I'm saying that based on our family's education philosophy, goals, and our sons' learning styles, God spoke peace to our hearts about the choice we were making by confirming it with our daily walk with Him.

Isn't that how it should be? Should all our decisions and choices go to the filter of those 2 very basic things...prayer and God's Word? Amazing how the obvious sails right past us sometimes.

Stay tuned. In the coming weeks, I'll share encouragement on why you CAN homeschool as well as a great resource to get you going in the right direction.

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Jaime said...

Oh, great! I'm looking forward to reading all about it!