Monday, March 28, 2011

Marvelous Monday: Easy Spring & Easter Decoration Craft

Despite the yucky weather this weekend which is not an indicator Spring is here for keeps, we decided to go ahead and spruce up our decorations so it at least feels a little fresh and Spring-y inside. The good thing about Easter being at the end of April this year is you can reallllllly get a lot of mileage out of your Spring/Easter decorations if you start now! We have an inexpensive, basic, eaaaaasy peassssssy craft that'll give your tables, mantles, and any nook and cranny a cheerful, happy, warm fuzzy little Spring is in the air lift! We'll call them Lil' Bunny Foo Foo Vases.

All you need is:
                                                       -Box of Peeps in any color
-Your color preference of Jelly Beans
-2 jars in different sizes, one smaller than the other so that it will fit inside and allow approx. a 1 inch space around the sides

-Fill bottom of jar w/ jelly beans leaving enough room from the top so a peep can sit on top of the beans and still fit down in the jar.
-Put smaller jar inside of the peep circle so you can fill it with water and insert flowers.
Note: Peeps look better if you leave them attached and do not tear them apart.

These snapshots are from our trial run. For some reason, I always have jars when I don't need them and today, I couldn't round up any of those jars I had been "saving." I must've really used a lot on our Valentine craft. That being said, these weren't quite the jars I had in mind but they worked in a pinch. Next go round, I'd like to do some bigger ones.

Good ole Mason jars came to the rescue!
....and so did a couple of tumblers.

Little Bunny Foo Foo Vases Round 1

Aren't they screaming for some bright, colorful tulips or gerber daisies?!?! Got some and accidentally left em' at Target. :/ Gotta go back. Ready for some SUNSHINE!!!!

Ya'll try this out and send us pictures! You hear?!?!? Happpy Monday and Hapy Spring! Have a marvelous one!


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