Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stay at Home Saturday: New Savory Smackerel Series!

Angela has previously shared about the art of Fix and Freezes here on the Roof. I recently participated in one with a couple of RWAV ladies that just so happen to be domestic divas~particularly in the kitchen. I've done FNFs before where we went over to a friend's house (like Angela), took our ingredients and all cooked together. It is fun to fellowship but that poor person's kitchen gets TRASHED.

For this FNF, we opted to make our dishes in our own kitchens on our schedule and meet at a date far enough in advance that we had time to coupon shop and stockpile for our selected recipes. When we met, we chatted, enjoyed a bagel and pulled the ole swaparoo. I went home w/ SIX whoppin' (eight counting my own), DELICIOUS dishes to fill my freezer. They have been a lifesaver come the hectic five o'clock hour! I'm a big fan. is the first of a special RWAV FNF series. The next few Saturday's are going to be devoted tips we've learned through trial and error and definitely some Savory Smackerels that double as tried n true freezer dishes.

If you are interested in doing a Fix n Freeze, here is some advice before you begin:
  • Select friends that have roughly the same size family as yours.
  • Be sure the people you do it with have similar "taste" as you and your family.
  • Be honest with one another about preferences, likes, dislikes (ex.-no grizzle, dark meat, mayo, peppers, etc.).
  • State expectations of portion size and # of servings from the onset to prevent assumption and the feeling of getting jipped. :)
Our first FNF Savory Smackerel is a two thumbs up crowd pleaser all the way! It's none other than Musing Foodie (aka CC)'s Chicken Enchiladas. They are a parrrrrtaaaaaay in your mouth! For a step by step pictoral how-to, simply click here. Let us know what you think. I'm willing to bet you won't be disappointed.

Happy Saturday!

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