Friday, March 4, 2011

Free-for-all Friday: DIY Silhouettes & Local Event

If you were to ask me one piece of wall decor that I've observed throughout my life and sticks out in my mind, I would say framed silhouettes. Even as a child, silhouette pictures drew my attention. Something about them fascinates me. They look so pretty on a wall, are such sweet snapshots and just timeless and classic!

I've seen on many blogs that silhouettes are supposedly a fairly easy DIY project. I haven't gotten brave enough to attempt one yet but it is a craft project I've been aspiring to try for awhile.  I think my oldest daughter is the perfect age to put a ginormous bow in her hair or fix a cute little ponytail and capture her precious profile...long eyelashes and all. One link with step by step instructions is here.

In the meantime, I'm thinking about taking up a local boutique, Shower Me With Love, on their special event this weekend. If you live near Charlotte or will be in the Queen City area tomorrow, March 5th, or Sunday, the 6th, they are hosting THE Silhouette Man, Tim Arnold. He will be hand cutting silhouettes of your child. You can take your child to the store OR simply take a side profile picture and he will do one pair for $40. It takes him 5-10 minutes (amazing)! Slots are filling up so you may want to make a reservation by calling 704-302-1555. They'll also be glad to answer any questions you may have.

If you've ever done your own silhouettes, are a proud silhouette hanger or have implemented silhouettes to create other cool crafts, we'd LOVE to see pictures of them in all their glory. Send them to us at roofwithaview (at) gmail (dot) com.

Speaking of silhouettes, as I type this my 3 year old has been playing quietly and brings this picture to me on her etch a sketch saying "Mommy, does this look like a horse?" Pick. my. jaw. off. the. floor. I hope it doesn't come across as bragimony but did I mentions she's only three? Thank you, Jesus, for amazing me every day! :)
In case you can't tell from Monday's post, horses have kinda been the topic of the week around here.

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Caroline G. said...

Nikki, has a great tutorial and step by step instructions on how she made hers and they look like a pro...she is so talented. Here is the link: