Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thrifty Thurday: Free, free, freeeeeeee!

It doesn't get much thriftier than FREE . You ladies better get on these deals while they're HOT.

  • Free nursing cover-If you are pregnant or breastfeeding or need a nice gift for someone that is expecting or breastfeeding, go to this website, pick your favorite "udder cover", add it to your cart and enter the code: FAMILY 2011. Your Udder Cover will be completely free. That's a $32 savings! Since it's free, you could spice things up by getting that puppy monogrammed! :)
Think it's too good to be true? This deal game up a while ago and our smart Donna took advantage. The paparazzi spotted her out on the town in HIGH fashion. BTW, this girl has birthday today so join me in giving her a BIG RWAW HaPpY BiRtHdAy!
Doesn't she make that udder cover look good? You can too...for FREE!

  • Free Fries-This FREEdom only pertains to those living in the land of Chik-fil-As. If you don't, perhaps you should pray about becoming a Chik-fil-A missionary in your neck of the woods and open a franchise. If you do, hightail it to your fav CFA on Friday for Free Fry Day. It's in conjunction with Heinz's launch of their new "dip n squeeze" ketchup packet. You may want to check your location here because some franchises are doing it in certain time windows on Friday.

  • Free Organic Apples-Since we're on a healthy note, you can score a whole bag of free organic Honey Crisp Apples w/ a $5 purchase if you live near an EarthFare. Click here for the coupon.

Go get 'em, tigers! Ya'll also don't forget to enter our Giveaway here to be one of three winners for a FREE book by our very own Glenda. :)

Happy Thrifty Thursday (and Happy Birthday, Donna)!

Love ya'll,

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