Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Train Up Tuesday: Valentines to the Forgotten

I've really enjoyed seeing the many posts about Valentines Day. We have some very creative and crafty ladies! I'm hoping to make a photo frame inspired by Hannah's vase. Be sure to scroll to "older posts" to see what all the ladies of the Roof have been up to lately!

Are you making or buying Valentine cards this year? I've seen some really cute ideas on and on It makes me wanna do them all! :) We are making valentines at our house. This year, we are using doilies, stickers, glitter...all that fun stuff. I wanted to do something "special" and meaningful to mark the day, too. James 1:27 kept coming to my mind and we take so much time to care for orphans during Christmas; I thought this would be a good time to reach out to widows. My own mother was a widow for a short period when my brother and I were small children, so these precious people (widows) are close to my heart. My mother-in-law works in a nursing home, so I thought that would be a PERFECT outlet for our cards. A chance to bring a smile and encourage them with God's love.

Have you gals come across the "VALENTINE" in John 3:16? I came across it several years ago and just love it. You basically just print out the verse, but letters are lined up so that you spell out VALENTINE (hidden in the verse). We decided to use this on the cards my boys and I made.

I just want to encourage you to spread a little of God's love during the special "love-day". I'm sure you are already good about doing that anyway, but perhaps in making or sending valentines you could also use it as an opportunity to send something to a "forgotten" one. Widows, soldiers, shut-ins. There is a great list of folks who would love the gesture, I'm sure! Share your ideas with us, please!



HPS said...

How cool is that?!? I've never seen that. Love it! I wanna see your picture frame when you do it! Great post!

Joan said...

This is sooo cool. I love it!! Thank you for sharing.