Monday, February 7, 2011

The Clipper and her Challenge

We meant to share this with you for Thrifty Thursday this past week but time got away with us. Our Carolina Clipper is hosting a Pantry Challenge and you may be interested. Really, you can do this at anytime but tomorrow starts the second week of the Pantry Challenge lasting from February 1-15, 2011. If you missed the first week, no problem! We’d love for you to join us this last week.

What is the Pantry Challenge?
It’s not a competition…the point is to use existing foods and resources to feed your family for a set period of time in order to reduce your grocery spending. Click here to read the full story behind the Pantry Challenge.

The challenge is easy for some and difficult for others. That’s why Carolina Clipper created the Pantry Challenge February 1-15, 2011 Facebook Group. It become a fun way to connect with people cleaning out those pantries while adding to their wallets. We’d love to have you share your ideas, tips, and tricks! Join the FB Group Pantry Challenge February 1-15, 2011 today and tell them you heard about it from the ROOFtop!

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