Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Bun in the Oven

We alll love to save money and that is what Thrifty Thursday is alllll about but let's put a lil spin on things. Shall we?

One way to save money is to bake your own bread. Awhile back a girl posted a book on a sister site steered by none other than our Donna. This book about making your own bread--artisan bread--looked interesting but I kinda left it at that. Since then, is talking about artisan bread. It has taken on this city by a storm and it's all the rage. Musing Foodie (aka CC) loves it. Carolina Clipper did a giveaway of the same book. People are raving about it, I tell you.

As I sit here with my bag of Amish Friendship Bread starter that I accidentally fed whole wheat flour, I have one question....

Who are the artisans and WHAT ABOUT THE AMISH?!?!? We can't forget the Amish, people!

While I'm in awe of the foolproofishness (just made up that word) of some of my favorite peeps' (I've been known to "play" Amish and wanna BE Amish) bread batter, I wonder if the artisan bread breakthrough will stand the same test of time? Only time will tell, tiiiime will tell.

In the meantime, let me just show you HOW much fun you can have with Amish Friendship Starter. I found this post on my personal blog from my last Amish baking fest. If you want to have the same fun, ask Musing Foodie for the white version of the starter or me for the whole wheat version (sigh) OR you can click here and start your own trail of Amish Friendship. Regardless, whatever bun you put into that oven, just take time to remember the Amish. :)

Sidenote: after I wrote the above, I stumbled upon Musing Foodie's latest attempt at AFB. Her ears must've been burning (pun intended). Poooor, sweet CC. At least we came kinda close to being able to have our own real barn raisin'. Be sure to cheer her up and enter her precious pink pancake giveaway if you pay her a visit.

A Day in the life of Amish Friendship
by HPS

Jedidiah Stoltzfus-the hubs
Rose Stoltzfus- HPS
Ida Stoltsfuz- my daughter
Esther Yoder- my friend, Stacey

Greetings to you this eve. After the barn raising today, Jedidiah, Sister Esther, little Ida and I made a quick stop by the Bird in Hand for some oil and sugar so that I could bake my Friendship Bread. Upon arriving home, Esther was so helpful by taking some laundry off the line, churning the butter and playing with little Ida while I did some light quilting before we supped together. Here are some pictures of our day.

The men were working so hard and this is going to be such a blessing for the Smucker Family.
Ida frolicking at the raising
Our family at the Bird in Hand. How handsome is my Jedidiah?!?!? Sister Esther at the line and my Ida, her little helper
Some quick quilting before putting the bread on the table.
HARK!!!! Did someone say "bread"?!??! Sister Jane Austin (Cissie), I am writing to inform you that your friendship starter was a success. The aroma in my kitchen is delightful and the results have been most pleasing to the pallet.

...AND here are the preparations to spread the wealth. Who will be the lucky recipients?
Come, brethren, let us partake! Who will benefit from Amish Friendship? Keep your eyes peeled, readers, keep your eyes peeled! You never know where this little piece of Amish friendship will appear. :)

Sister Rose Stoltzfus (AKA HPS)

*Don't ever say this sister can't get into character. Told ya I wanted to be Amish. :)


Glenda said...

As one that loves Lancaster, Pa. and the Amish I love this post. The Amish bread oatmeal muffins were yummy! Love you.

Jaime said...

Oh! Love this post! I, too, love the Amish and can't get enough of them sometimes... I think it's the simplicity I admire so much. I am going to try out this recipe- sounds and looks delicious! :)

Thanks, HPS....errr... I mean Rose :).