Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hope you ladies had a wonderful Valentine's day with the loves of your life!!!! I know my V Day decorations make me feel so happy that I'm going to have trouble parting with them. :) I may just milk them till the end of February. Speaking of happy, we celebrated a FUN birthday this past weekend and I learned a few tips that I'll pass on soon. In the meantime:

The Ladies of Roof with a View have been BUSY!
  • Have you noticed the Valentine Sizzle our designer, Jamie has given the roof up top? I big fat heart the cuuuuuute heart pizazz she gave us!!!! Jaime, PLEASE leave it up at least until the end of Feb. Just like my decorations, it makes me happy!
  • Musing Foodie (aka CC) posted her long awaited recipes on how to make her 8 minute lava cakes and homemade chocolate cups from this post!
  • You may enjoy reading here how our Donna celebrated Valentine's with her family! What a great way to teach your children the joy of a good celebration while making practicing manners FUN. :)
  • Money Saving Mom has featured a guest post here by our Richelle (aka Carolina Clipper) who shares a tool to calculate the costs of recipes.
  • Wednesday in the Word's Glenda has been doing a great Bible Study on the book or Ruth that you can check out here AND her (and her hubs') book, Finding Hope in Times of Grief, is HOT off the press earlier than expected and available to order here on Amazon (no longer in preorder status)!!!
Be sure to check out all of the above and give these sweet girls some big shoutouts from the ROOF. We love them!

Happy Tuesday!

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Glenda said...

Everyone has been busy. Thanks for shout out about the book Hannah.