Thursday, January 27, 2011

Free For All Friday: V-Day Sizzles Part II

Happy Friday Ladies! Oh happy day, my husband returns from a week long hunting trip today and I can't wait for him to step off that plane at 4:07 for lots of hugs and kisses. Last Friday I chatted with you about the 5 love languages and what they mean and some ideas on how to become bilingual in these areas. Today, it's about the love of food.

The old adage "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" is undeniably true. I actually read an old church cookbook when I was dating my husband that mentioned a recipe for Chicken Cordon Blue landed a marriage proposal the following week after cooking this meal. OF COURSE I fixed the chicken. I wanted to see if it worked! Only I didn't just stop at the entree, I made a dazzling dessert to seal the deal. Cheesecake and Strawberry filled Chocolate Cups (oh yes honey, you eat the cup too!). Gaze upon these beauties....don't they look delish?

He was wowed and the dessert has been a show stopper ever since. While some will opt for reservations at a restaurant to celebrate, some of the most intimate V-day dinners can be made at home. One year we grilled steaks and fixed the entire meal together, eating in our formal dining room on our China that only gets pulled out for special occasions and my husband wonders why we have it in the first place. Some things men will never understand, thankfully mine just goes along with the pattern I had my heart set on from the time I was born.

You could fix finger foods - fun and filling appetizers that can be eaten picnic style in front of your fireplace with soft music playing and candles everywhere. Put blankets on the floor and have the food on trays beside you. Helloooo chocolate fondue for dessert to feed each other! Strawberries, bananas, pound or angel food cake bites....oh hold me back!

For those with harried schedules, take out for dinner and a movie in can't be beat. Order pizza, go pick up your favorite barbeque or Chinese (Yum PF Changs!) and eat it on the couch while watching a romantic comedy or (if he'll go for it) chick flick. Cozying up on the couch is so romantic - light your fireplace too. Ambiance. Ambiance! For this sweet ending, think Chocolate Lava Cake - how amazing does this look?!....I whipped it up in 8 minutes. They also sell the already made kind at Trader Joes and it rocks the house.

Another fun touch is chocolates on the pillow. Why must it only be reserved for turn down service in fine hotels? Godiva has fun little ballotins...and I can eat my weight in Lindt Truffles.

Whether it's a steak a Morton's, pizza from the local parlor or your favorite chicken casserole, the right atmosphere you create will make all the difference. Low lights, soft music, candles, sitting in a different room, on the floor, in bed - will all set the mood for a 'lovely' evening.

I enjoyed this post on V-day from Angela and she reminds us of some of the fun peripherals that add the extra spark and sizzle. Check it out for a fun reminder.

Have fun planning your romantic holiday!



HPS said...

Lava cake is on the MONEY and you're right, TJs is GREAT! I wanna try to make my own. Great ideas to beat the Valentine's reservation rush and overpriced menus.

Happy Four said...

What a great post. Can you let us know if you have the homemade recipe for the Lava Cakes and post it? I would love to try to make them from scratch. Also, did you make the chocolate cups for the strawberries and if not where can they be purchased? Love the great ideas!

CC said...

Good morning ladies! Yes, I'm planning on doing a post on dazzling desserts soon on my blog - - stay tuned! Also, yes, I did make the chocolate cups. :)

gmt said...

8 minute chocolate lava cake?!!! Would you mind posting the recipe?? That plate looks deliciouuuuussss!!