Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Train Up Tuesday: Crack Your Spine this Year!

Okay, not THAT in don't crack and pop your back! Yuck, I hate the sound of someone twisting and popping their back. Not to mention, I think it's actually pretty horrible for you!

I'm talking about the spine of your Bible. :) It's January, and with that many Christians resolve to read through their Bible in a year (or at least read some of the Bible each day). I've attempted it in the past only to make it through Leviticus and say..."um, yeah, whose gonna know if I don't read THAT"....and then never feel like I can make up for what I've skipped or missed. I've also "made it through" in a year a few times. Unfortunately, more often than not, I end up not really "soaking it in", rather, I just check off my "list" for that day that I read my prescribed chapters. Then, with motherhood, I've wondered, "will I get to have that real 'in-His-presence' time ever again?".

Well, I'm here to encourage you as a mother. Even this morning, I was reminded of how hard it is to really read through the Bible (PLEASE check out this great article on this very thing and to download a reading plan for "Slackers and Shirkers"). The hardest thing really is to just get started. To open your Bible.

You CAN do this (read daily). Don't get bogged down in just completing a reading assignment. Ask God to speak to you and lead you to and through His Word. Leave an open Bible out. I also like to leave a couple different Scripture heavy devotions (like "Daily Light for Every Day" and "Jesus Calling") on my couch, kitchen table, or bedside (heavy traffic areas for me personally).

Another thing that I've opted for this year is signing up on a site like this one where you choose the plan that's right for you and it is emailed to your inbox each day (how many of us often open our laptops before we do our Bibles....guilty!).

How does this relate to Train Up Tuesday, you may ask? Well, for one, reading your Word will equip you with truths that are important for you as an individual relating to God. Growing in Him so that you can live in Him.

It also equips you in relating to others (your spouse and children as well as your friends and strangers). How many times has it happened to you - a friend or loved one shares something with you and the Word of God speaks through you to them and gives them exactly what they need at that moment...all because you've been IN His Word? I'm sure you've experienced the receiving end of it at some time, as well.

But next week, we'll talk more about attempting to spend time with God in the midst of a busy household (ah! THAT'S what I'm talking 'bout!).

Happy New Year!

(Looking for something on new traditions for this year? Check out this from 2010. Or maybe you are overwhelmed by a new year and a calendar full....check this out from last year.)


Anonymous said...

Thank you Ashlie for this. I love His word and it is so true about what you said on how God sometimes brings people into our lives that you can help through the reading of scripture that very day!

I am going to try and read the Bible through in chronological order and I have been enjoying it tremendously!

Love You, Ashlie and Blessings in the New Year to come!

Becky Landrum

Ashlie Miller said...

Thanks, Becky ;-)