Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Train Up Tuesday: New Traditions for the New Year

Welcome to the first Train Up Tuesday for 2010! I hope you took time to reflect on the blessings and God's grace & mercy for 2009.

How many times have you written 2009 accidentally? ;-) Well, take down last year's calendars, note what is necessary (transfer birthdays and such), and consider a few inexpensive activities that you do using those calendars. Chasing Cheerios has a cute matching activity. Also check out Thrifty Fun for several tips.

Last week, I mentioned taking time to document your memories for last year. One idea was collecting items for a time capsule. What if you started 2010 with that in your mind? Perhaps each family member could have a small tin (an Altoid or mint tin) to fill with scraps, odds, and ends to place in a 2010 capsule in December. Then, you could look through it together to remember your favorite moments of 2010. Click "scrapbook" to see a cute idea made from an Altoid tin. Wouldn't one per month be cool?

Think of other ways that you can note progress, change, and developments in your children throughout the year. Last year, I had my then 3 1/2 year old draw in a blank book every month to track his artistic progress. It was amazing to see the changes in his art without my coercing. January is sweet and non-themed, the middle of the year you see more purposeful drawings, writings, scribbilngs, and in December, he closed out the year with a Christmas tree and nativity drawing (that you can actually recognize quite well).

Perhaps your children are into writing, building, photography, gardening, crafting, music, or something else entirely. Ponder different ways that you can keep track of their progress. Hey, this could be perfect for the time capsule or even as a gift to someone next Christmas! ;-)

So, now for a few unrelated questions: What do you want to read about on Train Up Tuesdays (TUT) in 2010? Where are you challenged as a parent? What inspires or encourages you in your role as "Mom"? What have been your favorite TUT posts?

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Amory said...

thanks Ash! Great encouragement as always.