Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Train Up Tuesday: A Clean Sweep before It Gets Messy

I think part of New Year’s resolutions for most moms I know involves some form of organization, de-cluttering, or a clean sweep (even before “spring cleaning”). I know I’ve been thinking and acting on it a lot lately. All the stores have their nice organizing containers on sale in January; the idea of re-prioritizing through lists or goals for the year is fresh on our minds; and many of us are trying to find room in our homes for the new “stuff” we received for Christmas by purging what we have.

All of those are very worthy and necessary pursuits, for sure. After all, we’ve probably all experienced those times when a cluttered environment has led to a cluttered mind. Ugh! (or am I alone in that?!) However, I hope that we don’t miss the opportunity to de-clutter our calendars as well. That is something that I have had to take aggressive action towards in my own life (And this coming from a stay-at-home mom with children not involved in team activities and not of school age yet. Even I have those days or weeks when “stay-at-home” doesn’t seem like an appropriate title.)

Consider the holiday season we just celebrated. I thoroughly enjoyed so many moments, but can I be honest? I cringed a little at the thought of the hectic few days surrounding Christmas. Being here, there, everywhere. Going through gifts with the boys at so many places and knowing that they probably didn’t even realize what they had received. That’s when I “scheduled” a week at home to follow - doing nothing but enjoying time at home with the boys and their toys. I’m understanding how important it is to have those precious moments when I don’t know the answer to “what are we going to do next, Momma?”.

Even in the normal, routine days, we can be overburdened with scheduled events...even those that are meant to be for our good or the good of others. Over scheduled with Bible studies, mothers’ mornings out, and volunteer opportunities, we can often miss out on focusing on our “small” kingdom work of being at home with our children and savoring unscheduled moments. We seem to have bigger homes with more things and less time to enjoy being there with those we love the most.

I challenge you to look at your calendar...while it’s still January and somewhat “uncluttered”...and purpose to keep it pretty clean. Don’t neglect the necessary and worthy things you should and must do, but reevaluate what really is necessary and beneficial to your family and your children. Teach your children to scale back as well. Though they may want to be everywhere but home (especially as teenagers), I’m certain they will thank you later for those dear times spent at home connecting with you. Plus, it will teach them to prioritize before they have families of their own.

An uncluttered calendar reflects an uncluttered mind (at least, that’s how the quote should go).

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Misty said...

i definatly needed to read this. Sometimes there is this nagging guilt that goes along with nothing on the calendar...

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HPS said...

Amen and amen. Truuuue dat, sistah!