Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Trian Up Tuesday: Lunch with Charlie Brown

If you've been following a while, you may remember my fondness for Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving. Last year, Glenda (one of our RWAV contributors) commented that she looked forward to watching the movie with her granddaughter and eating the treats shown in the movie. That inspired me for this year!

So...I arranged a play-date for my boys and their my mom's house (hey, it's much easier to do these things when you don't have to clean a play room before and after the event ;-). We watched Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving (why, yes, I do own the video) and as they watched, I began plating their treats - popcorn (which happened to be crunch n' munch because the new Jiffy Pop won't work on glass top stoves :( ), pretzels, jelly beans (and m&ms and skittles...for those who can't chew the jelly beans), toast, and ice cream. Oddly enough, the moment I served the last scoop of ice cream, the scene where the Peanuts gang prays before their "meal" began playing. "Divine" timing? Perhaps ;-)

They had a GREAT time! We also dressed them up in Native American inspired apparel and let them run around outside to play in the get the sugar high out of their system (right before naps, too!) ;-)

Even though it has already aired on network television, you should still be able to pull it up on (I checked earlier on Monday and it was there). So, if you're looking for a fun activity to do (that is easy to pull together...did I mention I have a 7 week old and 2 other boys ages 5 and 2 1/2?!), this is a winner.

Also, if you are looking for an opportunity to share the truth about Thanksgiving, be sure to check out a couple of last year's posts: Lessons from the Mayflower and 5 Kernels of Corn. I plan to continue our new tradition of the 5 Kernels and share the poem featured on Raising Real Men when we do.

What fun things are you doing with your family this holiday?


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