Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Train Up Tuesday: Teaching the Truth behind Thanksgiving

Sister on the Roof, it is November! Ah, I love this month (and not only because it is my birthday month)! I know that many of you, like myself, love the chill in the air juxtaposed against the warmth of family inside the home, gathering for many holiday occasions around the corner. I have so many things to share in the coming weeks in anticipation of Thanksgiving! Oh, where to begin?

I think of primary importance is to set things straight about the joyous Thanksgiving Day, especially in an age where it has become known as “Turkey Day” or the day before all the good sales start. :( So much of the origins of this wonderful day are almost a mythological story lost in translation. I was raised in a wonderful Christian home and attended Christian schools throughout all of my elementary and high school education. I’ll be honest, history wasn’t my favorite subject, but I do remember some of it...that our country was founded on Christian principles. However, it was pretty basic and historical in its presentation (or at least in the way that I remember it). Though I have always cherished the Thanksgiving Day and have implemented some family traditions (that I will share in the coming weeks) that I believe honor God, this year, my heart has ached for something more. Thanks to some godly men in the faith and some of my own questions, my heart has been pointed in the right direction with information that truly has been a “Light” to me. The book “The Light and the Glory” by Peter Marshall and David Manuel was loaned out to me by my brother-in-law, with two important chapters dogeared for me.

I was eager to devour the chapters relating to the first Thanksgiving. And the timing must have been divine, for my 4 year old was at his Grammy’s and my 18 month old took a 2 hour nap (compared to usually only an hour). I poured through these two chapters with my mouth no doubt hanging open. Yes, I knew the Pilgrims were godly and were seeking a new land with true freedoms for worship...but to see it really spelled out that God truly purposed this embarkment to a new land, that Squanto was saved for “such a time as this” like Joseph of the Old Testament, that the Pilgrims could notice “greed” in themselves and were repentant. From what I read so far in the book (and I intend on reading it all), it is more than simply the perspective of two Christian authors with an agenda (forcing their personal beliefs on history) because much of the content is direct quotes from journals, letters, and quotes from those that were really there. It’s such a great! And it does need to be shared with our children, lest they grow up oblivious and brainwashed into thinking we are not a Christian nation. I also received a “The Light and the Glory for Children: Discovering God’s Plan for America from Christopher Columbus to George Washington” a few days ago. I can’t wait to share this with my children as part of our Thanksgiving traditions.

That’s all for now, but come back next week for a few glimpses into our real history! Oh, and buy the book this week so you can be prepped for the day of thanks!

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Glenda said...

Very cool Ashlie. I think I may have a copy that I need to dig out and read.