Monday, March 9, 2009

1st Award!

Well, laaaaa tea da! Roof with a View has received it's very first award. It wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that the giver was our very own Carolina Clipper, now, would it? Nooooo mam. She's not biased at all. :) That's beside the point. We'll gladly accept our first award. Thank you for the honor, CC!!!!

Apparently, there are some rules to this 7 things you love and pass the award to 7 blogs you love. Who doesn't love an award that keeps on giving but let's just see how I do answering this on behalf of all 14 of pressure!

7 things we (all 14 of us) love:
1. Jesus Christ
2. Our husbands
3. Our children
4. Our churches
5. The Bible
6. Our girlfriends
7. Email!

7 blogs (in no particular order) we would like to pass this award to (this one is TOUGH!):
1. Carolina Clipper-Yes, she gave us the award but back atcha, sweetie. We may be biased but we LOVE your "practical tools to make saving money easy and fun!"
2. Crumbs in my Butter- This is the blog of Angela, (aka Marvelous Monday author). Angela is a breathe of fresh air no matter how you cut it...even a visit to her blog will make you smile. Check it out but you MUST read this post...a lesson for ALL of us.
3. 33 for a Moment- a personal encounter w/ our very own Karen. Karen is just cutie patootie and it comes through in her writing. She is a EXCELLENT writer and oh so witty. Pretty much anything she writes (no matter the length) will capture your attention from beginning to end and somehow incorporate her sense of humor yet tender and gentle side.
4. Four Men and a Lady- this is the blog of Annie (aka Safeguard Your Spouse Sunday author). Annie is new to the blog world but her scriptural insight and wisdom is a blessing. 4 Men and a Lady is a hidden treasure that will be exciting to watch grow!
5. Jaime Betler: The Blog- I don't know how else to put it but Jaime is a GEM...inside and out...such a sweet spirit. She is our behind the scenes girl and Chief Executive Artist. RWAV is a beautiful place because of her. One visit to her blog will bless you. Her art and the way she articulates her Jesus are beautiful.
6. The Blessings Blog-is the blog of our very own Nancy. Nancy is a blessing...and a trip. The Blessings Blog will give you a glimpse of her humor, family, meal planning, and her heart. She writes just like she talks. How I wish each of you could hear her voice so you would know what I mean!
7. What's for Din Din?-this is a recipe blog started by our very own Donna where several girls share favorites from their Kitchen. We've briefly mentioned an idea to possibly one day link this and RWAV together. For now, feel free to take a gander and enjoy some of our kitchen's secrets. :)

Disclaimer: There are some other RWAV bloggers to whom we would love to extend this award but their blogs are private.

P.S. Please don't let this post detract from our Marvelous Monday Giveaway announcement below! Enter now.


Karen said...

How sweet! Thank you so much for the kind words. Look at all these fabulous blogs!!

Angela Richardson said...

Hey Hannah! I'm on Paul's computer and don't have your email address...I figured you'd get this comment right away. Soooooo, I have a post for this week, it's my FAV travel tips with kids. I'll just do the post and save it, that way if Donna wants to post about her "you know what's"... she can! :)