Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Train Up Tuesday: More Than a Cursory Glance

More than likely, if you follow this blog, you are probably pretty choosy about what your children are watching or what songs they are hearing. We are "those parents" in a lot of ways. The kind who are probably a little too strict on things regarding what we let our kids watch and hear.

Or at least, we try to be. But every once in a while, the guard isn't up as high as we like. Not intentionally but quite innocently. It might be letting the boys look over my shoulder while I search "Pinterest" for cool superhero cakes, or letting them watch the DVD that had not been previewed by Mom & Dad (because we remembered seeing it on television and not having any issues)....and THEN it happens. An image totally inappropriate for myself, much less my kids, sneaks into your image search (a search which is NOT supposed to contain "that" type of content). Or the DVD you didn't preview is not exactly the same as what you remember on TV and words creep through your set that are not in line with your standards.

Just another reminder that you HAVE to be proactive in guarding the hearts, mind, eyes, and ears of your children. Preview your searches before sharing exciting things with your kids. When they are old enough, DON'T let them search alone...even if they are in the same room with you (kids and computers are QUICK!). If they do search alone, do some research on all the filters available. Watch those DVDs and movies before they get the chance. Even if you use a great site, like Plugged In, to be your "preview", be sure that the movies meet your own personal guidelines before sharing them with young children. Individual children can often have their own personal limits about what they can handle. For example, I remember when we went to see "Up" as a family. Great movie. Adorable. But, at the time, my then 3 1/2 year old son was terrified of dogs (a frequent "nightmare" topic for him). It took a while to get past it. Another sidenote: just because it's animated, it doesn't mean it's suitable! Don't let what appears "innocent" get overlooked!

Just a helpful note to you based on our own recent experiences!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

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