Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Train Up Tuesday: A Servant's Heart

There is a "theme" that keeps repeating itself around my reading, talks and discussions, and even suggested blogs I receive from friends. It's that of "servanthood".

There is SO much I could write regarding how God is shaping our family in this way. It would take several posts (will this be a part 1 of several? We'll see?). Let's step our toes into the water first. :)

I clearly remember being taught to have a "servant's heart" as a kid in school. I can still remember the tune and most of the words to a song we were all taught (I wish there was a version of kids singing it, because that's how I "hear" it, but this should give you a good idea):

I want to be a servant for Christ and others. I want my boys to become those "servant leaders" I admire. In today's culture, though, opportunities for that are rare and not enticing. I mean, even in the church world, we want to proclaim our efforts and receive accolades (or feel that we have to give them to those who do serve....many who want to do so quietly and NOT receive earthly recognition). How in the world do we train children in a world that loves platforms and fame? I'm finding that it isn't easy, but we CAN be intentional in our efforts. Why a servant's heart? As an opportunity to share the gospel of The ultimate Servant-Leader...not just to be a "pushover or a loser" (thanks, Tim Hawkins):

Let me whet your appetite with a few things that have lit my family's fire. :) First, you can read more about how my family has been challenged and how we are starting (we fondly call it the "garbage game") in my husband's post. Check out this blog that will no doubt give you great ideas for random acts of kindness (a launchpad for serving others).

How are you teaching your children or teens to have a "servant's heart"? What does that look like in day-to-day life and how do you apply it? I'm not asking just to get you thinking....I really want to know your ideas so I can share them and maybe even incorporate them into my own home. :)

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