Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Train Up Tuesday: Easy Inspirations

Well, thanks to Hannah's post last Monday, I'm finally...pinteresting (is that the verb form of "pinterest"?) I don't know if I should thank her that much, because I could easily become addicted to it. Nonetheless, I have found some inspiring quote prints and fun ideas for my kiddos! It has DEFINITELY helped me organize my bookmarks as I am much more visually inclined. :) And, for me, it has been nice to find topics with a "visual" description rather than opting to "google" something. I can check out "pin boards" of others who have already done some leg work to organized great ideas!

Here are a few of my fave quotes that are print or paint and frame worthy or have inspired me in some way:
Something I'm trying to learn myself and instill in my boys.

I love family mottos in homes. I need to make one!

Simple way to teach LOVE!

THIS one just made me smile and feel like I was "validated" :)

I've also been able to gather some great new ideas for my boys. I've stumbled upon some helpful blogs I otherwise may not have found. I like this idea of reminder strips (you know boys...sometimes you HAVE to tell them step by step!)

Have fun "pinteresting"!....oh, and refer some great ideas my way! ;-)

Much love,

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HPS said...

Um, you KNOW I love this post and I also love the peeps that haven't been brave enought to post comments on RWAV but have admitted to being stalkers and now closet pinteresters.'s where it's at! :) Love you, Ash!