Monday, August 15, 2011

Savory Smackerel: Salsa

So, I promised last week that I would share a fab salsa recipe with you in the event you don't know what to do with your summer's tomato bounty. Welllll, my hubs made a kidder outta me. He is so tickled with our salsa production that he want's it to be a novelty to those with whom we share it...yes, a secret (gasp). Since I'm called to be submissive, I'm afraid I have to oblige. BUT I'm not going to totally leave you hangin'. :)

I WILL tell you we combined two recipes plus added our own tasty ammendments to our batch of salsa. I WILL tell you that this is an excellent base recipe (wink, wink). From there, have fun with it! I don't think you can mess it up and you'll be more than happy with the end result. Be sure to jot down exactly what you do. Then, you'll have your very own secret recipe with which you can tease us! :)


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