Saturday, August 6, 2011

Savory Smackerel: Back to the Tomato

Just a fraction of this week's garden fresh tomato supply!
So, we've been doing a mini series on how our gardens (and summertime produce stands) taste. Sorry we've been kinda quiet the past couple of days but that garden is keeping this girl BUSY! I know we've already covered the tomato in this series but we've had tomatoes and figs coming out of our ears and a sister can only eat so many mater sammiches. What in the world do you do with all of the Lord's garden provision? 2 words. Marinara and Salsa. We now have tons. It takes a lil' time but BOY is it worth it!

I'll admit that, in the past, I steered away from these endeavors b/c the thought of peeling and seeding tomatoes kinda intimidated me. However, I found this site that brought it down to my level and was very helpful. Trust me that you don't want to skip this step or your sauces will err on the watery side.

For me, homemade marinara is comfort at it's finest because my sweet Mama Eleanor has been making homemade marinara for years and one of my all time favorite meals when we pay a visit to the beach (well, anytime really) is spaghetti topped with her homemade marinara and baked shrimp or scallops from the local Bill's Seafood. It just doesn't get much more comforting or tasty.

I FINALLY attempted a batch of my own. 1st time was a little watery (I didn't de-seed). Second time was pretty much on the money if I don't say so myself. My grandmother has her recipe in her know...a pinch of this, a lil of that. Apparently, it is outta the American Cancer Society from years ago but I can't find it. The closest match to her instructions that I've found online was this one (give or take) and it is freshly fabulous. Prego doesn't light a candle to it. Oh and don't worry, if you don't have fresh tomatoes, the instructions include a substitution option of using canned tomatoes and it is just as good plus a little thicker in consistency.

Oh...and the figs? I gave CCs recipe a whirl plus my man made a mean batch of fig jam. Party in your mouth!

As for the salsa, be gathering you some tomatoes and I'll share that one with you next week. You will LOVE it.

Happy Saturday!

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