Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Train Up Tuesday: Summer List 2011

A friend from University posted a fabulous idea on Facebook  regarding a Summer List.  Sunday night we had a family meet to discuss our summer wish list.  We asked the boys what they would love to do this summer and also some things we could do for others.  Our family meeting list is now our Summer List 2011 which is now on the back of our front door.

This is our first year to incorporate a Summer List, however, I ran with the idea based on the fact that lists inspire me. It is a visual for my boys to see the fun that we have in store during summer break.  It will serve as a reminder to set aside time for  activities that are important to each family member which will become memories treasured in our heart.

Think of activities that can be in the following categories:

1.  Spiritual
2.  Educational
3.  Fun
4.  Service

The list can be on a board or just on a sheet of notebook paper.  Remember, you don't have to accomplish everything on your list, just do what is achievable and hopefully many items on your list will make a return appearance in 2012.

Tomorrow I will post some ideas to get you going on your own personal list.

Happy Summer Sisters,


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Anonymous said...

I love this idea because it will help when you just can't think of anything to do. I saw "shaving cream fight" on your list. I would never think of that in a "boredom" moment!